A curious being with a passion for exploration, travel and photography; with a heartfelt love for nature and all living beings, along with all that is unusual and weird. In search of adventure, new experiences and unique things to explore, learn and photograph. Trying my best to make the most of the brief time we have on this earth and to live life to the full. 

Deborah Muscat
Deborah Muscat

My Story

Born and raised on the tiny island of Malta, a country rich in history and culture but you can drive from end to end of the island in under an hour. It’s an ideal place to live in if you like sun, sea and always being around loud Mediterranean people but not so much if like me you love cold weather, wildlife and getting lost in forests away from said loud people! I always had a love for the outdoors and all its animals, vividly remembering saying as a child that I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up, then I learned that Chemistry and Biology existed and changed my mind! I seldom feel as much joy as when I see or even hold, an animal in my hands, the more unusual the better, with a soft spot for reptiles. I find it mesmerizing to see a creature, especially in its habitat, going about its business and learning about it. But sadly wildlife in Malta is getting as scarce as water in the desert.

I stepped on the first plane at the age of 18, and from that brief first trip, I change my view of travelling. There is so much more beyond the seas that surround our island. I took pictures on my first trip because I wanted to remember every moment, and I wanted to share my experiences with my family when I got home. In time I evolved this task into a hobby I thoroughly enjoyed, always trying to capture that place’s essence creatively and in an inspiring way. It is like bringing a piece of all the places you have visited back home with you.

I always had many interests and never turned down a new experience. I revel in activities ranging from sewing, baking and painting to woodworking and electronics. I find the learning and creative process in itself fascinating, where you discover how and create something from nothing in a way you didn’t know how to do a few days ago. Art and creative outlets have always been one of my most extended endeavours, and I find interest in anything that can help me be creative. I studied education at the University of Malta with a focus on design and creativity, and I graduated as a Design and Technology educator. Having a creative incline is at times a challenge as it is subjective and comes in fazes but photography stuck with me for years. It is the one thing that keeps me interested and challenges me to work on improving my skill beyond all other hobbies I had.

Mix my love for exploring with my passion for photography and add some creativity and you get this website. This space is to share my experiences through words and photographs, along with valuable information (I love looking up information, so you don’t have to!) sprinkled with a healthy dose of humour and inspiration. I am here to document visual treasures and showcase all the marvels that are around us to those who want to see a different perspective, to all armchair travellers and those looking for information, tips and possible trips. All this with the hopes of inspiring you to explore this planet, view the world from a different perspective and maybe even take some memorable pictures.

I endeavour to build a community of like-minded people that encourage others to find what makes us happy, confident and empowered to make the most of life. If you are intrigued to know more, please consider signing up for my newsletter, spreading the word, and following along on my social media accounts.