“The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.”

This phrase speaks to me not only because I love books so much, but because my travel experiences have thought me the most in my life. From exploring new places to meeting unique people and wildlife, from experiencing different cultures and cuisines to learning the history of each location, each one helped me to get a little closer to understanding that piece of the world.

Mix my love for exploring with my passion for photography and add some creativity and you get this website. This space is to share my experiences through words and photographs, along with valuable information (I love looking up information, so you don’t have to!) sprinkled with a healthy dose of humour and inspiration. I am here to document visual treasures and showcase all the marvels that are around us to those who want to see a different perspective, to all armchair travellers and those looking for information, tips and possible trips. All this with the hopes of inspiring you to explore this planet, view the world from a different perspective and maybe even take some memorable pictures.

I urge you to travel to one of the blogs and get lost. Feel free to write your own experiences about the topic in the comments.

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